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BeMyBoss - Reversed Online Recruitment & Job Search Agency

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Why use BeMyBoss?
Go to our How it works section for help with:
  • Only 1 job profile FOR LIFE
  • We put YOU in control by pairing employers and employees directly
  • Employers pay a fraction of the price to run an online job search and hire candidates
  • No middle people like an online recruitment agency
  • Avoid the hassle of the traditional online recruitment agency
  • No paperwork, no re-creating your CV for different jobs
  • Little bit of effort opens up many job opportunities
  • Free profiles for both employers and job seekers
  • Free online job search
  • Free job management section for employers
  • Instant notification by SMS or e-mail
  • A direct online link between job seekers and employers
  • Search for temps and trade job seekers
  • Anonymity is an option
  • You don't HAVE to have a CV or resume
  • We're here to help, just submit your enquiry to Contact BMB and we'll contact you
  • Increase your opportunity to be discovered
  • You can see what is on offer so no wasting time!
  • Nothing to lose! Even if you are happy with your job, you can still "put yourself out there" so that better job opportunities can find you

- Setting up your online job profile
- Maximising job opportunities online
- Online Recruitment opportunities
- Managing recruitment drives
- Improving your online job search

Or go to Look Like a Pro for assistance with:

- Online Resume / CV writing including templates
- Interview planning and interview questions
- Online Behavioural Questions
- Responding to online job opportunities
- Researching for potential job opportunities or job offers
- How to dress for an interview
- Coping with the psychological stress of job searching
- Video resumes online. What are they and live demo's
- Online scripts for Video resumes

For Employers! Want to know how to best manage your section?

Go to the Employer Info section and we'll show you how to become your own online recruitment
agency and conduct an effective online job search in align with your recruitment needs.

BeMyBoss - Reversing The Recruitment Process!    


Job Seekers: Tired of all the hassle that comes with visiting the office of, or going to an online recruitment agency? Just the thought of changing your CV 5 times for 5 different jobs, meeting with 5 different people from 1 recruitment agency, visiting an online recruitment agency which still requires you to modify YOURSELF for the job THEY want filled, does just the thought of finding the time to visit all these recruitment agencies leave you sitting firmly in the same job you've been wanting to leave for as long as you can remember?

Employers: Tired of leaving all the control in the hands of the recruitment agency but having no way to conduct an online job search to find those "elusive" candidates yourself? How about the expense of paying someone else to do the online job search for you? And yet the 5 CV's in front of you couldn't be any further from what you were looking for, ever feel like you could do a better job yourself?

We did!

Bemyboss.com.au cuts out the office-based and the online recruitment agency by providing a meeting place for employers and employees to come together directly.


It's very simple;

Job Seekers post the different jobs they want.

Employers run an online job search then when a match is made the job seeker gets the job opportunities e-mailed or SMS'd directly to them.

How can we ensure that job seekers receive only quality job opportunities and not from a recruiter or online recruitment agency? Our legal team have ensured that as part of our terms and conditions, no office-based or online recruitment agency firms are allowed to use our site thereby removing the barriers set by an online Recruitment Agency and opening up job opportunities direct to the candidate.


And the best part...   ...ONLY 1 CV here then NO MORE FOR LIFE!

We cover all of Australia

So if you want a change of job and state where you are working we offer an online job search to bring up your details in any state / region of Australia.

Whether it's...

Melbourne Job Opportunities or Perth Job Opportunities or WA Job Opportunities;
Sydney Job Opportunities or Darwin Job Opportunities or NT Job Opportunities;
Canberra Job Opportunities or Brisbane Job Opportunities or QLD Job Opportunities;
Adelaide Job Opportunities or Hobart Job Opportunities or TAS Job Opportunities;